Zambia Solar Tour

Solar-wise, my trip to Zambia was better than I could ever have imagined. I didn´t get to see a lot of the country outside of the capital, but that was ok because our program was packed full of exciting solar power projects. Bjørn from Glava Energy Center had set me up with a solar power guide for my entire stay, Abyia Simwinga. Abiya is a Zambian engineer with a solar engineering degree from Sweden. He had taken leave from his job at the Zambian Utility, ZESCO, to make sure I would have the best opportunity to learn as much as…

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ASYV Solar Park and Youth Village in Rwanda.

As you all probably know, Rwanda has an extremely gruesome history. Long story short: In 1932 they started to give out identity cards to their citizens. In that process, people were divided into hutus and tutsis. Everyone who had more than 10 cows became a hutu, and everyone with less than 10 cows became a tutsi. In 1994, the government ordered all tutsis killed. They manipulated the hutus to kill their tutsi neighbours and friends. This insane genocide killed more than 2 million people.  View from the Genocide Memorial Museum. It´s not just a museum for tourists, the locals also…

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A life without electricity

Can you imagine a life without electricity? No lights after 7pm. No charging of phones. No electrical appliances. No fridge. No wifi. No TV. No nothing. Just complete darkness or the alternative of a dim, poisonous paraffin light. Imagine your children trying to study for a test while breathing that smoke into their lungs.  The past week I have been working with SUNami Solar, installing solar power in small villages in Uganda, far away from the power grid. We also visited several costumers to hear their stories on how getting solar power had affected their lives.  The dirtroads we drove…

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Volunteering in Uganda

Last time I was in Africa, I was a typical tourist. I spent most of my time on safaribusses to see wild animals and the most famous sights the countries had to offer. This time, Im on my own. There are no tours, no guides and no prebooked accomodation or transport. This time I want to see more of the real Africa. The unpolished, rough and true part. The neighbourhood in Kampala I have been here for about a week now, and have spent most of my time in Ugandas capital, Kampala. I have been working at the office during…

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Departure day!

Today is the day! Today I leave Norway to start an adventure of a lifetime. I´m going to travel all around the world for a full year to learn more about Solar Power. It´s a dream come true, and you can join the adventure if you keep following this blog.  Its sort of my own Solar Trainee year. My goal is to visit solar projects, solar parks, BIPV Buildings, industry, attend conferences, volunteer and visit research facilities. Simultaneously, I will build on my theoretical knowledge through online solar courses.  It´s also a low budget travel, financed by my own savings…

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Christina tillsammans med Tommy Strömberg

GEC har en blogg! Och en resebloggare!

Nu är tiden inne för oss på Glava Energy Center att modernisera oss! GEC-bloggen är född och ur den kommer det senaste nytt från styrelsen att blandas med inlägg dels från gästbloggare, dels av vår speciella GEC-resebloggare Christina Hågevik Skaatan. Christina är en norsk tjej på 28 år var två största intressen är solenergi och att resa. Hon besökte GEC i november och fick tillfälle att berätta om sin reseidé. Och GEC har ju aldrig varit omöjliga! Under sitt besök i GEC filmade och bloggade hon i sin egen blogg, vilket finns att läsa här... och filmen finns här... Hon har jobbat på samma arbetsplats i några…

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