Departure day!

Today is the day! Today I leave Norway to start an adventure of a lifetime. I´m going to travel all around the world for a full year to learn more about Solar Power. It´s a dream come true, and you can join the adventure if you keep following this blog. 

Its sort of my own Solar Trainee year. My goal is to visit solar projects, solar parks, BIPV Buildings, industry, attend conferences, volunteer and visit research facilities. Simultaneously, I will build on my theoretical knowledge through online solar courses. 

It´s also a low budget travel, financed by my own savings account. I´ll be sleeping in dormrooms in cheap hostels and stay on the locals sofa, but thats all a part of the adventure. It´s going to be lonely at times. I know that. But that´s a part of the challenge, and a part of the learning journey. I will meet people from all around the world, who share the same professional passion for Solar Power, and learn to see so many new points of view. I can´t believe this is finally happening. 


But first a short introduction! 

My name is Christina Skaatan. I’m a 28-year-old Norwegian Electrical Power Engineer with a masters degree in Renewable Energy Sources. I also like to call myself a globetrotter, as I love to travel and have explored 48 countries (Yes, I’m counting, haha), mostly by myself. 

For the past 3,5 years I have worked as an Energy Advisor in a company called Entro AS, doing energy efficiency in corporate buildings. This year I’m on unpaid leave from Entro. My goal is to work with Solar Power, and this training journey is hopefully going to help me find out how to do that. 

Today I leave to go to Finland with my architecture friend, Amanda, but for the next month, I´ll be in Africa! I´ll tell you more about it when I get there! 

Let the adventure begin, and stay tuned for more updates!

– Christina

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