Visiting PV Module producer Solvis in Croatia

Getting from Issol in Belgium to Solvis in Croatia was quite the trip. It´s very far to go without a flight. It started by a 22 hour busride to Vienna. A long day in other words. Not my favourite part of the eurotrip.  Renewable sunset on my 22 hour busride But Vienna was beautiful of course. I spent a few days there, and also went for a trip to Bratisava, as its literally next door. I really liked both cities! Exploring Vienna Bratislava City views On my way to Croatia I also stopped by Slovenia, and liked it so much I…

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Activated Glass and two new countries

After my solar research visit in Halle, I took an overnight bus to the other side of Germany. To the city of Cologne. I had planned to meet my friend Marlene, whom I met in Mexico four years ago. Since we met at a hostel in Cancun, and ended up travelling together a month in Central-America, we have travelled together once a year. It´s crazy how close you get when you experience so much together. Everytime we meet, it´s like it was yesterday we got lost in the Tikal Jungle together, hitchhiked with the locals in Honduras and jumped into…

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Solar research in Germany

The Intersolar week was so great, but also very intens. I absolutely loved meeting all the new people in the solar business. I learned so much in such a short week. After standing up all day, everyday, walking around, being super social and taking in so much new information - I needed some time to process it all. I needed to recharge. So I went to Prague. It was only a 5 hour bus-ride from Munich, and the Czech Rep was also a new country for me. I spent the first day at a spa. A small, 12 euro one,…

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