Eurotrip and the Intersolar Exhibition

Finding my way from my visit to Onyx in Spain to the Intersolar Exhibition in Munich, made quite the adventure. I had about 10 days to get there. As I'm only travelling my public transport, it took me about 4 busses and trains to get from Madrid to my next stop; the tiny country of Andorra. A beautiful country on the border between Spain and France, in a valley, surrounded by the Pyrinee mountains. Andorra. Beautiful, but every bit as weather-moody as my home, the west coast of Norway. Andorra was beautiful. So green and so old and new at…

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The Solar Journey Eurotrip begins! Visit to Onyx Solar in Spain!

After Central America and a short trip to New York, I went back to Norway for a short holiday and to start the Eurotrip-part of my Solar Journey. I will be spending about 2,5 months travelling around Europe, trying to visit as many companies and projects as possible. I´m especially looking forward to the Intersolar Conference in Germany.  Having a travel break, watching the sunset in Norway, looking forward to my Solar Journey to be continued. Europe I'm ready! It was nice to start back in Norway and spend some time with family and friends after 3 months apart. Whilst…

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