Zambia Solar Tour

Solar-wise, my trip to Zambia was better than I could ever have imagined. I didn´t get to see a lot of the country outside of the capital, but that was ok because our program was packed full of exciting solar power projects. Bjørn from Glava Energy Center had set me up with a solar power guide for my entire stay, Abyia Simwinga. Abiya is a Zambian engineer with a solar engineering degree from Sweden. He had taken leave from his job at the Zambian Utility, ZESCO, to make sure I would have the best opportunity to learn as much as…

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ASYV Solar Park and Youth Village in Rwanda.

As you all probably know, Rwanda has an extremely gruesome history. Long story short: In 1932 they started to give out identity cards to their citizens. In that process, people were divided into hutus and tutsis. Everyone who had more than 10 cows became a hutu, and everyone with less than 10 cows became a tutsi. In 1994, the government ordered all tutsis killed. They manipulated the hutus to kill their tutsi neighbours and friends. This insane genocide killed more than 2 million people.  View from the Genocide Memorial Museum. It´s not just a museum for tourists, the locals also…

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