Activated Glass and two new countries

After my solar research visit in Halle, I took an overnight bus to the other side of Germany. To the city of Cologne. I had planned to meet my friend Marlene, whom I met in Mexico four years ago. Since we met at a hostel in Cancun, and ended up travelling together a month in Central-America, we have travelled together once a year. It´s crazy how close you get when you experience so much together. Everytime we meet, it´s like it was yesterday we got lost in the Tikal Jungle together, hitchhiked with the locals in Honduras and jumped into…

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Solar research in Germany

The Intersolar week was so great, but also very intens. I absolutely loved meeting all the new people in the solar business. I learned so much in such a short week. After standing up all day, everyday, walking around, being super social and taking in so much new information - I needed some time to process it all. I needed to recharge. So I went to Prague. It was only a 5 hour bus-ride from Munich, and the Czech Rep was also a new country for me. I spent the first day at a spa. A small, 12 euro one,…

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Eurotrip and the Intersolar Exhibition

Finding my way from my visit to Onyx in Spain to the Intersolar Exhibition in Munich, made quite the adventure. I had about 10 days to get there. As I'm only travelling my public transport, it took me about 4 busses and trains to get from Madrid to my next stop; the tiny country of Andorra. A beautiful country on the border between Spain and France, in a valley, surrounded by the Pyrinee mountains. Andorra. Beautiful, but every bit as weather-moody as my home, the west coast of Norway. Andorra was beautiful. So green and so old and new at…

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The Solar Journey Eurotrip begins! Visit to Onyx Solar in Spain!

After Central America and a short trip to New York, I went back to Norway for a short holiday and to start the Eurotrip-part of my Solar Journey. I will be spending about 2,5 months travelling around Europe, trying to visit as many companies and projects as possible. I´m especially looking forward to the Intersolar Conference in Germany.  Having a travel break, watching the sunset in Norway, looking forward to my Solar Journey to be continued. Europe I'm ready! It was nice to start back in Norway and spend some time with family and friends after 3 months apart. Whilst…

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Solar Installation Course in Costa Rica

After my trip to Africa, I had a brief stop in Dubai and Paris before Costa Rica. DUBAI; Me in front of the tallest building in the world. 828 meters tall. Notice how the other skyscrapers in the background look like tiny ants compared to the Burj Khalifa. PARIS; Met my mother in Paris for a few days on my way to Costa Rica. The journey to my next destination, Costa Rica, had already taken 30 hours when I was ready for my last flight from Miami. The gate suddenly changed, and I was too tired to notice, so of…

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Zambia Solar Tour

Solar-wise, my trip to Zambia was better than I could ever have imagined. I didn´t get to see a lot of the country outside of the capital, but that was ok because our program was packed full of exciting solar power projects. Bjørn from Glava Energy Center had set me up with a solar power guide for my entire stay, Abyia Simwinga. Abiya is a Zambian engineer with a solar engineering degree from Sweden. He had taken leave from his job at the Zambian Utility, ZESCO, to make sure I would have the best opportunity to learn as much as…

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ASYV Solar Park and Youth Village in Rwanda.

As you all probably know, Rwanda has an extremely gruesome history. Long story short: In 1932 they started to give out identity cards to their citizens. In that process, people were divided into hutus and tutsis. Everyone who had more than 10 cows became a hutu, and everyone with less than 10 cows became a tutsi. In 1994, the government ordered all tutsis killed. They manipulated the hutus to kill their tutsi neighbours and friends. This insane genocide killed more than 2 million people.  View from the Genocide Memorial Museum. It´s not just a museum for tourists, the locals also…

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A life without electricity

Can you imagine a life without electricity? No lights after 7pm. No charging of phones. No electrical appliances. No fridge. No wifi. No TV. No nothing. Just complete darkness or the alternative of a dim, poisonous paraffin light. Imagine your children trying to study for a test while breathing that smoke into their lungs.  The past week I have been working with SUNami Solar, installing solar power in small villages in Uganda, far away from the power grid. We also visited several costumers to hear their stories on how getting solar power had affected their lives.  The dirtroads we drove…

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Kurs med styrelsen

Här sitter vi allihopa och tränar på att blogga. Snart kommer ni att få läsa styrelsens inlägg här när något spännande händer! Hälsningar från oss i GEC-styrelsen

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